The course of development
  • Future

    Say goodbye to purple self sway, where fear of snow is always raining. Not see the last rain wet place, talk to the city to live. And Li Shek Pik Xijiang energy-saving, high gap Pinghu. The goddess should be safe, when the surprise the world.

  • 2014

    The research and development of the company's technical staff has developed a number of design such as the same color, side skirt, and rear square exhaust system. It is the ability of the company to develop the vehicle independently in the real sense..

  • 2008

    Zhejiang Vstar Auto Parts Co., Ltd. officially put into operation, can form an annual output of 300000 sets of motor protective equipment, output value 80000000 yuan, of which 5400000 yuan profit.

  • 2006

    Nearly three years, the output value of three times the incremental speed, and the number of market demand is far from meeting.

  • 2003

    At the beginning of 2003, the company entered the automotive industry, the main products are automotive anti collision device and the roof carrier system.

  • 1996

    The course of development

    Hongyu Auto Accessories Co., Ltd was founded in July 1996, main products are motorcycles retaining bar, is the first domestic production of such products, one of the manufacturers, Hongyu brand the retaining bar series product is the most visibility and influence of the industry is many domestic automobile enterprises supporting partners.

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